The Battle Begins – Faux vs Real

The Battle Begins – Faux vs Real

How important is it, a factor whether a fabric material is Faux or real.

The first question one might ask is, What is my motive for using a particular fabric choice?

return to your branding guidelins and mission to assess your governance on decision-making. As a brand what is your stance on sustainability and how far are your compromises, dependent n modern technologies, trends, fabric availability, budgets, averter, and retail price point targeted?

With this back information…

Consider the science behind the manufacturing process… Essentially the general difference between genuine leather and faux is that genuine/real leather is natural and made from animal hides/skins, in a lot of cases: cattle, oxen and/or buffalo.  

On the other hand, Faux leather has a more sciency foundation… it’s basically a plastic base that has been treated/coated with wax. It will have a dye or polyurethane applied to give it colour and texture.

Talking Pros and Cons…

GENUINE: Wouldn’t it be a great idea for a brand aligns itself with a cattle farm/ranch that supplies beef, and salvages the hide from that farm’s already established beef process? 

FAUX: while ‘no animals were killed in the king of it’ may be the consensus. the making of the plastic and wax can be brought Ito question, let alone the disposal after use. Plastic is made from a glossary of natural materials, namely: Cellulose, natural gas Coal, the infamous crude oil, salts. the crude oil is processed through  – polymerisation or polycondensation..

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